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Air Conditioning Repair

Before you call for someone to come to repair your unit, make sure all breakers are on. If you have gas heat associated with your central A/C, make sure the red cover emergency cutoff switch is turned on because this turns off the gas furnace which has a shared motor inside that works with the A/C system and has to be on even in the summer months. Also make sure your filter is not clogged. This in turn could cause a decrease in air flow which could consequently cause your evaporator to completely ice over stopping all air flow which means no air conditioning. Furthermore, if your system is low on refrigerant (Freon) the pressure would drop and because Freon has a perfect temperature pressure relationship it would and could ice over your evaporator or cold coil to the point of no air flow consequently, no air conditioning.

Time For a Service Call

If you can't seem to cool down your house regardless of what temperature you set it to, it's time for a maintenance call. While a frigid house is unreasonable in triple digit heat, you still shouldn't be sweating.